Brochure  PREGNANT

I am pregnant. What can I do to not get infections?

Brochure Feeling tour baby moves


Questions we will ask you at your first visit: zwangerwijzer-engels.pdf

Information on screening on Down’s Syndrome


Information on the anomaly scan (19 wks ultrasound)


Brochure about ‘Midwifery in the Netherlands’

Birthing together: maternity course, also given in Eindhoven. To subscribe e-mail: or call 040-2421724
Information evening, English spoken, organised in Eindhoven (ask us for the new dates):

During this evening, we will provide lots of information about the ante-natal and delivery processes, as well as the aftercare. You will also be welcome and encouraged to ask any questions you may have.
These evenings are always informative and fun, and we hope that you will want to participate. You are welcome to bring friends, even if they are under the care of other midwives or doctors.
Space is limited, however, so please let our assistant Paula ( know if you wish to participate, and how many persons will be coming. The cost is €2,50 , which covers our rental of the room. Refreshments will be available from the VTA at very reasonable prices.

Date/time and venue:
VTA building, Ouverture 2, Eindhoven.
Time 19.30 – 21.30